Trapped on Talonque

Trapped on Talonque - Veronica  Scott I kinda thought this would be a silly romance for some reason? It was not that. It was so much better than that. I had a lot of fun reading this.

This is probably a generous five stars because it really hooked me, but don't be fooled - there are problems. Unanswered questions, plot holes, editing errors, obvious grammar mistakes, no real character development. The plot is mostly action and to be honest, that was mark in the Win column for me right now.

It just rubbed me the right way I guess.

A Mere Formality

A Mere Formality - Ilona Andrews Very cute.

Dead Heat

Dead Heat  - Patricia Briggs Shit, did I run out of books already?

Vampire CEO

Vampire CEO - Erin R. Bedford LOL what? Okay, let me spoil the first chapter for you and you can join me on the Rollercoaster of Disbelief.

So this witch has been training to be a priestess her whole life, but now she actually has to get a 9-5 job instead. Bummer. She's never had a job and has no skills to be a secretary, so she applies to be a secretary. Because she has no job history or references, she lies on her resume and casts a "spell of persuasion" on herself to convince the employer she's the real deal. She goes to the interview - "Oh my god, this job interview is for the position of secretary to the CEO?! And it's a night shift job?! Whaaaat?" - where the HEAD OF HUMAN RESOURCES asks her why they should hire her. She literally triggers her spell and says "Because I'm the right person for the job." Boom, she's fuckin' hired, here's your employee handbook, blah-ditty-blah-blah-blah. They leave the interview room and she crashes into the Adonis-like CEO, creams her panties, and can't even function enough to stand on her own two legs in the presence of her new boss. Next day it's time to go to work, time for the Big First Day pep talk about how she's strong and smart, she earned this job, she's got the skills... and... talent to wait, what? She didn't earn this job. She has none of the skill sets required to be the secretary for the CEO of a major corporation. She didn't even read the fucking employment ad! She's a witch and didn't even make her own damn persuasion spell - she spent most of her savings on buying it! And let me tell you: it was a shit spell if it persuaded the user of her lies instead of just the employer.

I dislike this girl so strongly, I'm not even gonna bother trying chapter two.

Fair Game

Fair Game - Patricia Briggs I feel like I missed a whole year's worth of stuff. When did the werewolves come out?

Hunting Ground

Hunting Ground - Patricia Briggs We're 3 for 3 in this series. Let's see if we can go for four 5 star ratings.

Cry Wolf

Cry Wolf - Patricia Briggs So I started reading this last night and was sooo confused. Apparently it is very important - nay, necessary - to read the #0.5 prequel before reading this book. So go do that.

As for my review... it wasn't a perfect book, but it's damn entertaining and I'm going to keep on reading asap. Definitely recommended.

Soul Casting 101

Soul Casting 101 - Viola Grace Really good length for this author. Some of her recent stories have been kinda short and they don't do her creativity justice. I liked this length - it was steadily paced from start to finish and didn't skimp on atmosphere.

I'm really looking forward to the rest of this series. I've enjoyed almost everything this author has published, but this is an interesting departure from her usual. Still in the magic genre instead of aliens, but a series focusing on one main character is not this author's norm. Reminds me a bit of the Nexus Chronicles, which I adored and loathed to see end. So I'm pretty pumped here.

I hope we don't have to wait long for the next book, but with like 6 different series running at once, I never know what to expect next.

Her Undercover Panther : A Paranormal Shapeshifter Romance

Her Undercover Panther : A Paranormal Shapeshifter Romance - Jasmine White Talk about wish-fulfillment...

Tara's Breeding

Tara's Breeding - Derren Grathy Nothing more than gang rape and copious amounts of semen.

Alpha & Omega

Alpha & Omega - Patricia Briggs I put this series off because I don't really like werewolves all that much. Now I'm not sure if that was dumb or brilliant. On one hand, I've been ignoring an entertaining series (boo @ me) - on the other hand, it's now an established series with planned future publications (yay @ Patricia Briggs). Always important to know if you're falling in love with an established series, a poorly performing debut, an unfinished series that hasn't been augmented since 1995, etc.

I've just got to decide if I want to read the next few books consecutively or stretch them out over 2017 so I don't have to wait as long between the last published book and the next to be released.

*clicks 'Buy Now' on book #2* Oh whoops, my finger slipped.

Royally Matched

Royally Matched - Emma Chase The woman's name is Mirabelle Titebottom? For reals?


Freedom - Loribelle Hunt 1.5 stars It wasn't great. It wasn't even good, really. But it kept me interested enough to finish it. Hated the h and kinda pitied the H. Not much happening aside from the sex and the h being contrary. I assume the author intends to ramp things up prophecy-wise in the next books. But I'm not interested enough to bother with them.

Level 3 Meh: I finished reading -10 minutes ago and I've already forgotten most of it.

Alien Attachments

Alien Attachments - Sabine Priestley Halfway through the h decides she wants to sleep with the enemy to spite the H who's trying to keep his distance.

*nods* k.

I hope she succeeds and is thrown out of an airlock.

I was going to DNF it, but instead I just skipped like 25% and read the rest. So it counts as 'read' now.


Parched  - Z.L. Arkadie Literally the fourth sentence:
Before I head out, I put on a light coat of LancĂ´me moisturizing cream topped off with red lipstick. I put on a black Dolce & Gabbana skirt suit and a pair of black Manolo Blahnik Mary Jane heels.
*disappointed sigh* Oh... it's one of those. Like the overly excited person at a party that keeps reminding you of that one time they met a celebrity. Super not interested, thanks.

All He Feels - Dax & Ginny

All He Feels - Dax & Ginny - Melanie Shawn It's so cheesy, I love it. It's one of those dreamy sigh romances.