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Overload Flux

Overload Flux - Carol Van Natta This is the kinda sci-fi romance I'm looking for! Space battles, fire fights, secret genetic manipulation, futuristic tech I can just barely comprehend, psychic abilities, alien planets, and all that shit with a slow burn romance on top? You fuckin' kidding me?


Russian Roulette

Russian Roulette - May Freighter I don't trust that many 5 star reviews on a book by an unknown author.

Touching Water

Touching Water - Viola Grace If this is the result of a slower publishing schedule, I'm all for it.

Bound by a Dragon

Bound by a Dragon - Linda K. Hopkins A generous 3 stars. This was mighty predictable and I had a hell of a time not DNFing it because everyone but the H/h are kinda awful people. It was a bit too much.


Possessed - Hazel Hunter Nothing to really complain about. Total cliffhanger, but it's a serial and that's expected.

Twelve Days of Faery

Twelve Days of Faery - W.R. Gingell This was cleverly written and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The plot was fun and the characters were witty Mary Sues. You never doubted they'd succeed and any problems were solved with a MacGyver kind of ingenuity.

It's a clean romance with some magical action and suspense. Zero character development, just straight action and a teensy bit of 'falling in love' angst. It was exactly what I needed on a lazy Sunday. I didn't have to think too hard and I didn't have my emotions jerked around by soap opera levels of angst. It was just good, fast fun.

I doubt it would win any awards, but for what it is... it's pretty damn good. I'll definitely check out the author's other works.

The Dragon's Heart

The Dragon's Heart - Eden Ashe Daniel thinks Shelby tried to have him killed. There's no reason for her to want him dead, but he was at her house when an assassin showed up and so obviously she's the one that hired them to kill him. Because a Hollywood starlet would know how to hire immortal assassins that target dragons. Uh okay.

So Shelby and Daniel are mated. She ends up being cool with it after a little panic attack brought on by the knowledge that dragons are real. But Daniel is like "Nope. Can't have a mate. I'm the king and I can't have any weaknesses. No distractions. My people need me sane and responsible, not crazy in love." So he's going to break the mate bond. Which will kill him.


Every reason he has for not having a mate is completely invalidated by the fact that his other option is death. His people need him? How's he gonna be king and lead his people when he's dead?

There have been quite a few of these WTF moments while reading this. And I'm left feeling like the hero is just really fucking dumb. Daniel is thousands of years old - he's a fucking KING for god's sake - there is no excuse for this level of stupidity.

It's driving me insane and I just can't really stand to put up with it anymore. This was a freebie on Kindle, so it's not surprising or much of a loss.

Broken Prime

Broken Prime - Andie Devaux I didn't realize this was the prequel when I snagged it from Kindle. I was just getting into it!

The Flame and the Arrow

The Flame and the Arrow - Emigh Cannaday The h is 25, the H is 300 and maybe immortal. I thought this might be New Adult, but it is straight up YA. These people are incredibly immature for adults and so far (30%) it's been nothing but "he loves me, he loves me not"...

Interesting premise bogged down by teenage-level romantic angst.

Don't get me wrong - it is NOT YA, but the characters and dialogue all belong in YA. It was difficult to get into the story because I was so distracted by the fact that it all felt very high schoolish.


Dispelled - Terri L. Austin It's just a bunch of people being angry at the MC for existing while she investigates multiple magical murders without any experience, training, or common sense.


Queen of Starlight: Sheerspace Book 1

Queen of Starlight: Sheerspace Book 1 - Jessa Slade I quite enjoy the "last of their kind" stories, but they never give me a satisfactory epilogue on what life is like for the last person. It's just like "Oh yeah, they're the last of their race and life will be a whole new adventure for them. The End."

Agh! Motherfuck, that is so annoying.

Whatever. This story... I thought the crystals and bonding could have been better explained to the reader. And I was annoyed that the h refused to explain things to the H, instead letting him operate under dated and ignorant assumptions. It went against her character and I felt the author only wrote it that way to create conflict that wasn't truly necessary. Still, I enjoyed reading it, so don't take my complaints too seriously.

Escaping the Demon's Trap: Paranormal Demon and Vampires Romance (Princess Anastasia's Tales Book 1)

Escaping the Demon's Trap: Paranormal Demon and Vampires Romance (Princess Anastasia's Tales Book 1) - Martha Woods I've seen this cover used at least 3 times now. This is a closer cropping to the face, but it's clearly the same stock photo .

Count on Me

Count on Me - Lauren Dane Love love loved it! It was really great to read about a romance with external conflict instead of internal for once. The fact that it's also a bit of a romantic suspense made it a million times more enjoyable, too.

Royal and Caroline sizzled... They were perfect together and their sexytimes were smokin' hot. I loved how they supported each other and had each others backs. Caro dealt with Anne, Royal's ex, perfectly. I didn't like Anne much in previous books and I really hated her in this one until she wised up. Royal being all sneaky alpha was really sexy and I dig his reaction to the racist assholes that have Caroline grief. Their romance was awesome. Just awesome. No conflict between them, no Big Misunderstandings, no denial of emotions... It was a nice change from chickenshit characters that refuse their own happiness.

As for the murderer/stalker... The author handled that really well. It took up the right amount of page time, it was appropriately disturbing, and the threats weren't over-the-top. My only complaint is that I wish it had turned out to be somebody we had already met, like one of the racist assholes. Because they totally deserved to be thrown in jail for the rest of their lives.

This is definitely one of my favorite Lauren Dane books, without a doubt. She just nailed it this time. Homerun. Bullseye. Whatever. I'd absolutely recommend it.

I wrote this review on my phone, so please ignore any misspellings or typos.

Mercenary Instinct (Mandrake Company)

Mercenary Instinct (Mandrake Company) - Ruby Lionsdrake A fun read, but a whole lot of build up for a kinda meh ending.

Breath of Life

Breath of Life - Christine Pope Predictable in the way that all fairy tale retellings are predictable - nobody goes too far off the rails with these things. No real backstory or world building, just straight up Beauty and the Beast with gas masks.