Behold the Stars (Signal Bend, #2) by Susan Fanetti

Behold the Stars (Signal Bend Series) - Susan Fanetti

God damn. This was so dark, I'm not even sure how to write a review that would recommend it. Because everything I could say about it doesn't sound positive. But it somehow ends up being enjoyable.

There is a lot of violence against women in this book, way beyond what I usually find in erotica and contemporary romance - even contemporary military romantic suspense. This shit was hardcore, dude.

But even though it's insanely violent, intense, and gruesome, I still really liked it. Susan Fanetti definitely knows how to drag me into Signal Bend.

And at the end of the story, the town is moving away from the crystal meth business, so the direction of the series seems to be changing a bit. The next book in the series will focus on Showdown (Isaac's second-in-command sorta guy) and the new girl in town instead of Isaac and Lilli. So I'm probably done with this series. I liked that I got more than one book about this particular couple and the story arc is wrapped up neatly. If you enjoyed these books, you would probably enjoy the following books - I'm just satisfied to stop here.