Going Cowboy Crazy by Katie Lane

Going Cowboy Crazy - Katie Lane

I made it 14%. Which is amazing, because I was ready to give up at 3%. I don't like it when the foundation of the whole plot rests on a ridiculous and pointless lie. But I pushed on to see how it would go.

So at 14%, we've met Faith - a shy, Chicago-based woman who is on the hunt for her long-lost twin sister, Hope. Faith goes to Bramble, Texas to track Hope down, but Hope has long since moved to Hollywood. Cue everyone immediately thinking that Faith is actually Hope. The blurb made it sound like Faith tried to tell folks that she wasn't Hope, but they wouldn't believe her. In actuality, she pretended to be Hope to get the townspeople to dish the dirt on her. Which would, in no way, help Faith to track down her sister.

After a steamy few kisses, Slate confronts Faith - he knows she's not Hope. Thankfully, she comes clean instead of trying to keep lying, but things don't get better. They start making out in his truck and she suddenly freaks out and says she has to stop. Slate steps out of the truck to "walk it off" and Faith digs through his truck until she finds a condom. She then goes off about how Slate is just a dumb redneck and she can't believe she almost slept with him, blah blah blah.

I'm already hating this bitch. So hard. But I had to stop when this happened:

"Buster [the dog] didn't get attacked, he attacked something. More than likely a prairie dog."
"A prairie dog?" She looked down at Buster, who was now pawing his nose. "Do you think the prairie dog is badly hurt? Maybe we should call someone."
"Like who? The Prairie Dog Ambulance?"

This dumb bitch... I can't even.

The whole truck scene between Faith and Slate was freaking ridiculous. A very obvious "fish out of water" thing going on with Faith in this tiny Texas town, not knowing anything about small town life or simple living. But this kind of shit goes so far beyond that. Even city folk wouldn't be so stupid to think some sort of authority needs to be called for a fucking prairie dog.

I just can't stand the female MC. It's not happening for me.