Ever After (The Hollows, #11) by Kim Harrison

Ever After - Kim Harrison

I'm having trouble with this series. I loved the beginning, but I'm getting a little tired of it now. The writing is fine, the characters are fine, but the plot... Jesus! It's just constant, never-ending grade-A bad shit happening to Rachel. Every single book. The odds are stacked against her, yes yes we get that. But how much shit can you pile onto a character before it just gets ridiculous? I'm thinking about 10 books worth, because this 11th was downright annoying.

Everyone's trying to kill her. Everyone is lying to her. Everyone blames her. I mean, can a bitch get a break? Apparently not.

And this is seriously the largest cast of characters ever - how am I supposed to keep track of them? I guess I don't, since Kim Harrison keeps killing them off. And it's never the right one. She took Faulkner's "kill your darlings" quote to heart, that's for damn sure. I won't mention who dies, but just be warned that it's not who you want to die. I'm pretty sure we all wanted this particular character to die like... 10 books ago, but the author just won't give us that satisfaction. Nope. Instead, she kills off the people we love, like Kisten.

I don't know how I feel about this series anymore. Ask me at book 9, I would have said it's one of my top 5 favorite series. But with the author killing off all the people I like, dragging out the romantic pairing foreeeeveeerrrrr, and the shovels upon shovels of shit that she keeps dumping on Rachel... I'm losing my patience. I'm never glad when a series ends, but I may just celebrate the ending of this one. If Rachel can't get her HEA after 12 books, the bitch doesn't deserve it.

Although now I'm half expecting the author to kill off Rachel before the end of it. Just to break all our hearts. She seems to enjoy doing that.