Welcome to Last Chance (Last Chance, #1) by Hope Ramsay

Welcome to Last Chance - Hope Ramsay

Whyyyyy did I do this to myself? My friend noticed I was reading some romance novels featuring small towns and sent me this book. I read the blurb and then got started. Obviously, I should have checked the shelves, because it very obviously says it's a Christian book in the shelves. Nowhere else. By the time I realized that the Bible-thumpers were not solely comic relief, I was too invested. Which is odd to say, because I almost DNF'd it every 15% due to the stupid characters. It was easier for me to get through because the religion wasn't shoved down my throat - it was just the way these characters were and there wasn't a lot of superiority that I've sensed from other Christian-romance novels (hence my avoidance policy).

Disregarding the Christian slant entirely, the story itself was only okay.

The hero is flaky and weak, harping on his own "mid-life crisis" at 34 years old. While the heroine is ridiculously insecure and so passive it's downright tragic. The secondary characters consist of literally, the worst cop ever; a kid that hallucinates about crying angels; a mentally handicapped hornball... it just goes on and on. The only character I actually liked was the matchmaker, who does get a little bit of page time, but it doesn't make up for the rest of this ridiculous story.

The POV changes at least 3 times in the first chapter and continues on randomly throughout the book. You get a secondary romance that doesn't further the story, but neatly wraps up a situation I'm not sure the author knew how to handle.

The whole thing was kinda weak. Bring back in the Christian slant and it was slightly better if only for the fact that the author portrayed busy-body middle-aged Southern Baptists perfectly. Personally, I got a bit of a comedic value out of the "the Good Lord this" and "the Good Lord that"... If you like Christian-romances, you might enjoy this. If you don't care for them, you should probably just skip it.