Christmas Kiss: A Time Travel Holiday Romance by L.L. Muir

Christmas Kiss: A Time Travel Holiday Romance - L.L. Muir

Not all that impressed, to be honest. The story itself was enjoyable, though not very Christmasy. My problem is with the constant assumptions the two MCs make throughout the whole story. "She's disappointed, so she must be disappointed in me - I must not be good enough, she must be thinking blah blah blah" And visa versa. Entirely too much time was spent with these characters making assumptions in their own heads. I eventually started skimming because I got sick of reading about people fretting over nothing.


Now, the time travel bit was interesting and the way the author made it happen was not only intriguing, but upsetting. My heart broke for the characters. That was just... sad, dammit.


Fortunately, there is a happily ever after.


I didn't love it, but meh... I didn't hate it. Glad to have gotten it out of the way, even if I was almost a month late with it.