The Nanny Solution by Teresa Hill

The Nanny Solution (Silhouette Special Edition) - Teresa Hill

I have no idea how I got this book, but I gave it a shot. I'm not real big on the "single parent" romances because I don't have kids, haven't even really interacted with them, and I have a hard time getting into the character's head when we're so different. My life is all about me, I can't identify with somebody whose life is all about their kid. Not yet anyway. So I usually avoid these.

But this one was... cute. I enjoyed it. Though to be fair, I did skim a few paragraphs where the MC was just lost in self pity and discontent. And that was my only real problem with the story - the MC. Audrey (maybe Aubrey?) spent a year punishing herself. And that's on top of her daughter punishing her. It was too much. I'm not a fan of self-punishment, but especially not when you're already being punished by others. And not just others, your fucking daughter - which I feel would be way worse than that Chatty Cathy at the grocery store. She spends her time being miserable instead of enriching her own life, all so she can be 'better' for when her daughter finally decides to give her another chance. Which makes no sense. That daughter was still a minor and Audrey was still her mother - fucking take charge and verbally knock some sense into that child! It was pitiful, the way Audrey let her daughter treat her the way she did, like she somehow deserved it for messing up. No, no, no. That was wrong. And it basically made Audrey a doormat.

Aside from that... ugh... it was an alright story. It was interesting, but I felt like Audrey did the wrong thing damn near every time she had a choice to make when it came to her daughter.

Honestly, I wouldn't recommend it, but I wouldn't smack it out of your hands if I saw you reading it.