The Love Letters of Max and Pearle

While searching through old photo albums and boxes, my father and I stumbled across hundreds of love letters sent to my great-great-great aunt Pearle, from a man named Max. They couldn't marry due to their differing religions, but they were deeply in love and wrote each other constantly over the course of 65 years. Max joined the Navy, lived all over the world, earned his PhD and wrote numerous books on American Colonial History. He married and had a daughter, while Pearle never found another to love. Just thinking about this love that lasted three quarters of a century, written down and right in front of my face, makes me all teary eyed. I was bawling when I read some of these letters, as it's quite obvious they loved each other for every moment of those 65 years. I posted them as a gallery on imgur, because imgurians love "found" items. But I wanted to share it here, as well.