Breath of Magic (Lennox Family Magic, #1) by Teresa Medeiros

Breath of Magic - Teresa Medeiros

Arian is a white witch from the 1600s thrown forward to 1990s New York City. Cue hilarious meetings between a Puritan and that baffling thing we know as electricity. And true love.


I found this to be a highly entertaining read. The humorous moments of Arian being overwhelmed by NYC or confounded by technology were written very well. The twists and turns in the plot were quite unexpected. I was shocked... at least twice. Thumbs up, yo.


My only problem is that the author made Tristan act like a total dick way too often. And not just making him act like a dick, but she made him cruel to Arian. Anytime he got upset or doubted her, he was downright mean. I felt like he took it too far and if a man treated me like that repeatedly, I would definitely not give him a second, third, fourth, and fifth chance.


Arian was developed well enough as a character, though Tristan didn't really seem to be anything other than a hurt, rich young man. Totally barren of the ability to enjoy much of anything. Not a great hero, to be honest.


Regardless, it was a fun read. I love the "just go with it" attitude that Arian had once she realized she was in the 20th century. Nice change of pace from the "oh woe is me, how do I get home?" nonsense I usually see in time travel romances.


PS: Arian mistakes a helicopter for a dragon - hilarity ensues.