Jagged (Colorado Mountain, #5) by Kristen Ashley

Jagged - Kristen Ashley

The problem here is that this is a carbon copy of the previous books in this series. They are all exactly the same. I specifically read all the books in this series so I could compare.


Abused or mistreated heroine. She says things are cool, awesome and beautiful.


Troubled hero. Has his own language.


"Yeah" means "Right?"

"Yeah" means "Ok?"

"Yeah" means "Do you understand?


Serious lack of the use of "you" and "I" when beginning a sentence. Half the time, it's not clear who the person is referring to until later in the sentence. "Don't wanna fuck with that, because it's good." Ok, who doesn't want to fuck with that? Him or her? 


Heroine must be kidnapped. In every story. And it has to happen at 90%.


At least a dozen times, when the heroine finally realizes something, she has to go through this:




Oh my God. Oh my God.


There has to be a Big Misunderstanding that results in the hero or heroine leaving. That is always followed by the other person coming to get them - across state lines, in another country, hiding away in a cabin, whatever. Usually while baffled that the other person would dare to leave.


Heroine says "I love you", hero says "Good" until she demands he say the three words, usually the result of a fight or right after the big kidnapping rescue.


Hero has to hit a wall with something - cell phone, fist, chair, whatever.




Southern accents in Colorado. I've been to Colorado. People don't sound like that. Even characters from England end up talking with a southern accent, it's weird.


Hero has to give the heroine a nickname: Duchess, sweet pea, cookie, etc. Which everyone else finds sooo adorable, but she has to demand that he not use it, even though she secretly loves it.


And then... and then... and then... and then it was cool. Which was so awesome, it was beautiful.


That's in every single book. And that's not even all of it. I mean, the author doesn't use the exact same sentences and dialogue, but she might as well. I'm beginning to wonder if I compared fights, and kidnappings, etc the page numbers would match up. I always know a kidnapping is just around the bend because things are starting to wind down a bit at 90% and you expect a wrap up and epilogue. Nope, you get a kidnapping, declaration of love, and then the most epic epilogue of all time. Babies, weddings, mild family drama, warm fluffy bunnies. It's unreal.


Not as unreal as the fact that Kristen Ashley has somehow managed to publish 6 of the same freaking book and nobody has cottoned on. That also, the use of "cottoned on", is used liberally throughout all the books. I'm really not sure where it came from, but now that I've read it 800 times, I can't help but use it. 


However, I think the fact that these stories - though identical - are sometimes-fluffy bits of white-hot romance with a little bit of suspense and mega-alpha males, means people will eat them up. Regardless of how similar it was to the previous. Whatever. I bet I can tell you how all Kristen Ashley's other books go without having to read them. I'll still read them, because they're juicy. And that's how she keeps publishing more. We like juicy.