Heart of Stone (Frontiera Series) by Cathryn Cade

Heart of Stone - Cathryn Cade

This was kind of a non-entity, if that makes sense. There was nothing special about it in any way. But I kept reading because it wasn't bad. I just wouldn't say it was good, either. It was just kinda there. It happened.


And I feel like this is the worst sort of review I could possibly give. I would rather a book make me rage uncontrollably than leave me feeling nothing at all. But that may actually be due to the fact that I then have a legit reason to bitch and moan in a review - we all know how much I love to do that.


I feel kinda bad saying that a story was "just there". Nothing interesting or special about it. The plot could have been interesting, if it were flushed out a bit more. But there wasn't really any drama - the external opposition was over and done with after 5 minutes. And the internal opposition was weak at best. The characters are one-dimensional and the ending is abrupt.


I wouldn't recommend this simply because I don't think anyone would thank me for it.