My father was an avid reader, though now he's more of a collector. My grandfather had his own bookbinding business. Dad has a lot of books. Some of you will see the irony in the fact that my stepmother turned my bedroom into the library. ;) Anyway, half of the couple thousand books are crumbling, the oldest and most sentimental being kept locked away in a fireproof safe in a climate controlled room. Hopefully I can convince him to let me photograph some of those some day. Until then, I photographed some random shit I found while exploring. I can't find much of a relation between one book and the other, I've not a clue why most of these books were acquired. Regardless, here are some of the many weird books I found.



An autograph book from the late 1800's.



A book of humorous epitaphs.



Quite possibly the longest title ever... The Bad Child's Book of Beasts and More Beasts and Worse Children and a Moral Alphabet. Take a breather after that one.



The Seven Dwarves in a language I don't even know which.



The Count of Monte Cristo, Chaucer, and Chinese Fairy Tales - they go together.



French song books from the 1930s.



I want to know why this is in my father's library



Spoiler alert: Mrs. Tittlemouse is a delicious cupcake.



Aw shit, seems like I got some Lords and Ladies in my bloodline. Somebody get me a bodice to rip!


*Not included: books on magical alphabets, kama sutra on vellum, the intimate biography of mrs. lyndon b. johnson, poetry by al capone, the true story of alien offspring living amongst us, the complete doonesbury collection, the story of o, the illustrated version of arabian nights, of mice and men in german, the complete field guide to photographing blood splatter evidence, the torah, and something about a pet psychic.