Archangel's Legion (Guild Hunter, #6) by Nalini Singh

Archangel's Legion - Nalini Singh

Finally, we've come back to Raphael and Elena. They are probably my favorite fictional couple and I was so excited when I heard the 6th book was going to focus on them again. I fangirled all over the place.

This installment was deliciously tense. I was right along with Raphael and Elena, the Seven, while they tried to figure out who the villain was this time. I thought I had things figured out repeatedly and I wasn't even close.

The sex and romance between our main character was steamy and passionate, as always - Nalini Singh knows how to deliver a sex scene. Phew... :) And the development between them is tentative, sweet, and touching. There is a huge power differential between them, but Raphael and Elena both require each other for personal balance. It's kinda nice to just... enjoy their happiness together, even when things are tough.

Our action comes in the form of zombies and a truly Hitchcockian moment that got my heart galloping out of my chest due to my Ornithophobia. I don't fully understand what the Cascade is and I'm guessing my liberal skimming of the previous two books was a bad idea. I'm very curious about the Legion and I wish that was introduced a little sooner so we had time to learn more about it. It's obviously not over - thank god! - but I was kinda bummed that it ended before we got a firm grasp of what the purpose of the Legion is. And what that means for Elena and Raphael. 

Also, can I just say... Sparkle... *sigh* Finally! FINALLY! I have been a fan of that particular character since the first scene and I desperately wanted some more - so glad Singh delivered on that front. And she did it beautifully. Pretty sure I teared up a bit.

I'm frothing at the mouth for more story. I know I have the absolute longest waiting period possible and expected publication is "next year" while her Psy series is expecting another publication in the summer. So, I think it'll be another fall/winter release.

Overall, I loved it. Loooved it. I can't wait for the next book, though I know I'll have to. I just don't wanna. Highly recommended.

I would be incredibly pleased if something like this series was turned into a tv series. There is a lot of room to deviate from the original plot, with power plays by other archangels and various issues with vamps, angels, hunters, the Refuge, humans, etc. All without destroying the original story or finding themselves in a corner when a new book is published and plot lines are defined. I'm sick of all the vampire-only shit on tv - gimme some angels. Way more interesting.