Breathe (Colorado Mountain, #4) by Kristen Ashley

Breathe  - Kristen Ashley

I know I shouldn't read the same author three times in a row. I know, from experience, that this makes any repetition very clear and the similarities between the stories are so glaringly obvious that I can't stand it.


But Kristen Ashley wrote this awesomely brutish alpha male that totally barreled in and took over the MC's life. She wasn't able to make the cliche choices that ruin other stories because the dude wouldn't let her. This guy is probably too domineering for some and just right for others. I am currently dating a beta and I'm cool with it. But I like my fictional boyfriends to be alphas. And Kristen Ashley wrote one that I adored. So I looked into some other stories and it sounded like they all feature these crazy alpha males. And of course, I am not one to neglect my vices - I read two more. In a row.


And I hate myself for it because the similarities are so damn obvious that it was difficult to read at times. But damn she writes an awesome alpha male. Still, the writing is ridiculously familiar.


Everything is cool, awesome, and beautiful. I want to buy this woman a thesaurus. At the same time, I've noticed that the writing is specific to the scenes in which the story is told by the female MC. So I think it's the female's voice that's doing all the "and then-ing"... And then we did this. And then we did that. And then he did this while I did that. And then we did something together. The other characters don't seem to do it. That being said, she needs to give her three different MCs three different voices with their three different personalities. The MC in this book was so naive and clueless about sex, she came across more like a teenager getting her first kiss from the older college boy and recounting it to her friends, but without the adult words to go along with the adult activities. They kissed and it was awesome. And he used his tongue! In her mouth! And it... was... awesome! I didn't make that shit up, I just changed "my" to "her". Yes, there were italics. Yeah. I KNOW.


So, while it's insanely juvenile and repetitive at times, I really enjoyed the story. The writing, not so much, but the story is a good one. A little whackadoo-never-happens-in-real-life kinda, but still delicious.