Day 30: My favorite book of all time...


This Book Will Change Your Life by Benrik


I was in a wee bit of a funk once I got my shit together after high school. I needed to find a whole new set of friends, but I was entirely unsure of how to do that. And so I ended up somewhat of a hermit after a few months. I decided to start the new year with this book and I ended up having a wonderful time, meeting lots of new and interesting people, and I came out of my shell. One page per day, pretty much. One activity per day, would be a better way to say it, I guess. You just blindly, but carefully (if that's possible), obey the book. If it says you need to copy this Out of Order sign and put it on the elevator doors, do it. Fill out a checklist of things you'll never do before you die, like "Eradicating Hepatitis C" or "Proclaim yourself Emperor"... Here are some examples of the pages:



And for shits and giggles, here is the list of things you'll never do.