Day 25: A character I relate to the most...


Slightly ironic challenge today, considering my post about why I read yesterday. I really don't know what character I relate to the most. I feel I can relate to a number of characters for various reasons, but they're slight and insignificant. Their circumstances? Their personality? What are we referring to? I had a shitty stepmother, should I identify with Cinderella? I lived in a closet for a couple years, so do I relate to Harry Potter? There has been a serious lack of magic and Fairy Godmothers in my life, so I'm not sure. Do I pick a character from a road trip novel since I've been on so many? 


I really can't answer this question. I can't really relate to kick-ass demon hunting chicks or debutantes being introduced into society. I don't have magical powers I need to grow into and learn to control. I haven't read any books where the MC reminds me of myself.


I'm curious to see how other readers answer this. It may help me figure out if I'm viewing this challenge from the wrong angle.