Poison Study (Study, #1) by Maria V. Snyder

Poison Study - Maria V. Snyder

I could have sworn I read this book already, but I quite obviously didn't. I thought this was a different book. Now that we've gotten that all figured out (except for the part where I know the title of the book I thought this was), let's move on, shall we?


I loved this. Not like fangirling all over the place loved it, but I was entirely absorbed in it for most of the day. The characters were all engaging, though I feel like the villains were a bit confusing at times. Their overall goals weren't very clear.


My only complaint is the foreshadowing. Not good. I could see the magic from a mile away. I had figured out all the pieces as soon as the Criollo showed up. The only time I disliked the characters was when they weren't picking up on all the clues.


I'm curious to see where this is all headed, as I had intended to read the Glass Series, but saw the characters originated in this series. So I've got to gobble up the rest of this one before I start the next one.


However, my first step is to find the book that I mistook for this one. There was a potion maker's daughter who foiled an assassination attempt on somebody of religious importance, I think. And she had a slight romance with a guy in town that had a little boy who was sick or being experimented on... God, I'm probably mixing up 4 different books into one weird explanation. I know she fell through a catwalk or something! Or something...