Embracing Ember (Salin's Salvation, #2) - Astrid Cielo I snagged this as a free read on Kindle and I really enjoyed it. It needs major editing, but it's a solid story with lovely characters.The story is great, and even though I didn't read the two previous books, I wasn't lost. Enough was explained that I understood what was happening, but Anna and Serenity are the female characters from the previous two books and there were bits about them, their past, etc that would be appreciated by people that had read those books. There was a bit of jumping around with the storytelling from Ember and Ceylon to Silvius and Maria, then to Serenity, then to another planet, then back to Salin, then back to Earth. And nothing that happened on all those other planets and with all those other characters had any impact on the story of Ember and Ceylon. Silvius and Maria begin a secondary romance, but it's mainly Ceylon and Ember. The other bits of story matter a great deal in the main story arc, but not to the romance/suspense story of Ember and Ceylon. So... it felt weird, getting this peek into a continuing story line that had no effect on the story I was currently reading. But at the same time, getting that little bit of a peek, I'm now very curious about the main story arc and will probably seek out the other books. It was weird, but it hooked me... so I can't really complain.What I can complain about (within reason), is the editing. Or lack thereof. As I'm not so great with punctuation myself, I won't point out anything except there were a lot of missing commas. I probably use extra commas, but I know I put them in the right place most of the time. Lots were missing. The biggest editing issue is continuity and missing words. "He" and "she" were mixed up a couple times. It would read like "he wondered if he stay up" instead of "he wondered if he could stay up"... little things that would have been caught had the story been proofread only once. It made a big impact on the story because it happened so often. If it were once or twice, I'd be like "whatever, I'd make more mistakes in one paragraph." But it happened a lot. A LOT.So, the Kindle Edition needs to be proofread and edited. Perhaps a quick prologue to explain what has happened in the main story arc so far. And mention of the main story line in the epilogue would wrap it up neatly to remind readers of the continuing story in the next book.With editing, this is a book worth purchasing. Definitely worth more than the $0.99 list price (it was available for free when I got it) as it is, but it would be a $5-7 book after editing. I'll be looking for the other books in the Salin's Salvation series.