Untouched Concubine - Lisa Rusczyk Another freebie for the Kindle.Poor editing - things like improper tense usage - could have been avoided by one or two proofreadings. And there are people out there who proofread for free, who feel that reading the story in advance is payment enough. So there is no reason for people to be publishing these stories in such a rough format.That being said, this was a decent short story. I would probably enjoy a more fleshed out novella or novel. It had a ton of potential, but I felt the author did a pretty good job considering the length of the story. Mandia was fairly immature and came across a little stupid, but as a sheltered princess, wouldn't that be typical? I like Jass, from what little I read of him. If this story were longer, Mandia could have grown into a strong and fierce mate for Jass. Jass could have developed his feelings for her. Lots of drama could have happened that could draw them apart and dramatically bring them back together. Sorry, didn't mean to get your hopes up.This could have been an amazing story if it were longer, but it's a decent read as is. You definitely won't feel like you wasted the money you didn't spend on it.