Deadly Obsession (Deadly Vices #1) - Kristine Cayne I enjoyed this story well enough, but I guess I just wanted to point a few things out.#1. The stalker is one Fucked. Up. Bitch. Holy Christ on a cracker, that woman was scary psycho. And I knew who the stalker was right from the get-go. It's only a mystery at first, because you get the stalker's POV, too. But yeah, it was way obvious.#2. Lauren's son Jason should have been around a bit more. The author unintentionally gave me the impression that Lauren habitually ditches her son for weeks at a time. The relationship between Nic and Jason was too adorable to keep hidden from the reader.Otherwise, I have no real complaints. I felt like the story was a little sluggish at times, but once I finished reading the book, I felt like it flowed alright. Maybe slowly, but consistently.I have heard mixed reviews on this book, but I felt it was pretty good.