One Dark Night - Jaid Black 1.5 stars The 0.5 is for Thomas and his dirty talk.This book was supposedly written by the woman who started Ellora's Cave... I say supposedly because I have no clue and don't feel like Googling.That being said, if she is the woman who started Ellora's Cave, I have to say I'm seriously disappointed. I would have expected something pretty fabulous from her. If it isn't the woman who started Ellora's Cave, I'm less disappointed, but still not impressed.I knew more about the victims than I knew about the killer - Jaid Black desperately tries to fill page space with info dumps about the victims, even though they are technically nobodies to the reader. Give us a little info to know that the victim was a decent person, fit the description of the stalker/murderer's "type"... I do not need to know this woman's entire life or whether or not she was an Honor Roll student. That shit is stupid and a waste of time. For me to know more about the victims than I do the lead characters is not how this whole 'story thing' is supposed to work.*sigh* Not really happy with this, especially with Nikki's unwavering self-doubt. Ugh. No.Would not recommend.