Elizabeth's Wolf (Breeds, #3) - Lora Leigh I just finished this book and I'm kinda at a loss as to what I should say about it. My thoughts on it are so disjointed and random, I'm not sure it'll make sense. Fuck it, let's try anyway.THIS REVIEW IS RATED M. IT CONTAINS ADULT LANGUAGE, ADULT SITUATIONS, AND ME BEING A BITCH. IT IS INTENDED FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY.In general, this was a good story. The suspense angle was appropriately dramatic, though I think the story would have benefited from a scene with Dash, Elizabeth, and Cassie almost getting caught. It would have driven home the fact that Elizabeth couldn't keep running on her own and that Dash could protect her. The romance was believable - not insta-love or just a chemical thing, I felt like they truly loved each other for valid reasons that were clear to the reader. Cassie was probably the most adorable little girl I've read about in a long time. Her bargaining with Dash was too damn cute, I probably started ovulating for want of having my own child at that moment. Ew, that sounds gross.Why did I say that?!Moving on. Let's get into specifics.When Elizabeth finds out about Cassie's... little secret, she tried so damn hard to keep her feet firmly planted in denial. I even made a status update about it. But right after I started wondering if Wayne Brady was gonna have to choke a bitch, she finally let go and accepted the truth. Thank fucking god, too, because I really liked Elizabeth so far. But her behavior was erratic throughout the entire story. Perhaps reasonably so, since she had been running for two years - I doubt I'd be the most stable of creatures, either. But it also felt false sometimes because while in the middle of being sad, she's contemplating how yummy Dash's nipples look. I don't buy your sorrow when you're fondling a man's nipples. Sorry. And she went from blubbering idiot (due to being separated from Cassie) to a bloodthirsty wannabe assassin in 0.5 seconds. Yes, I believe Elizabeth is fierce - she had to be - but I don't believe that is a realistic change of pace. And to get angry with Dash for trying to make her understand the difference between killing in cold blood and killing in self-defense? That made me roll my eyes so hard, it hurt.Dash thinks he has no friends, but when the time comes that he is the one in need of help, he's shocked to find out that people care about him. I understood and enjoyed this side of Dash, but entirely too much time was spent on this topic when that time could have been better spent showing a laid back, relaxed Dash. I learned his characteristics and personality traits, but nothing personal - nothing minor. No quirks, no preferences, nothing like that. Does he like Italian food? Does he like country music? Nothing of vital importance, but it would have rounded out his character a bit more. Dash seems to excel at talking dirty. Holy Jesus, that was freaking hot! But...I'm pretty sure he gave Elizabeth a cum enema. Wait, wait - hear me out! Dash uhh.. squirts lubricant from his dick. I dunno how else to say it. It's supposed to loosen things up down there for Elizabeth, which good because Lora Leigh describes the head of Dash's cock as being as big as a "large plum". Dear god, she might as well have said "a baby's fist", I was so grossed out. Maybe we have freakishly large plums in the South, I dunno. But Elizabeth was described as being very short and slim, Dash was described as being ginormous, and much time was spent discussing and describing the tightness of Elizabeth's pussy. And the lubricant Dash...dispenses. Which brings us back to the enema. So, apparently he squirts and squirts and squirts a good bit of this lubricant inside her and with all the squirting, and the amount of lube that is described, that girl's butt was overflowing with lube. And then he came in her. And then knotted her like a dog so the sperm couldn't leak out. I don't care what you say - Elizabeth got a cum enema. And even though all the sex scenes were downright scorching, I closed the book still feeling weirded out.Sooo... decent characters, hot sex, interesting plot, but kinda gross.I'd recommend this to people that like raunchy sex talk.