Roll The Dice (Vegas, #1) - Mimi Barbour This was a decent story, but a terrible book. Somebody needs to get Mimi Barbour an editor - STAT! She obviously doesn't have a firm grasp on English grammar. I'm not even sure this grammar would work in any language, though."Her and Kai went to wherever." NO."We don't know who's this is." NO.There were countless other errors that really screwed with the flow of the story. And they were all errors that could have been fixed by a 6th grader.My only complaint about the actual story is a huge one, though. You never, ever, ever end a book in the middle of the climax! It was like the last chapter that would have wrapped everything up was deleted. It was the worst possible place to end the story. And then the next page is a blurb for the next story, which continues with Aurora and Kai, but it tells you too much. The next book has Kai angry at Aurora for something that happened in this book, but there is no reason to be mad. SHE SAVED ALL YOUR LIVES, you dick. You can't get pissed about that, especially after you decided you wanted to live the rest of your life with HER!Oh my god. I liked the story until the last page. I'm too pissed to bother with the second book.