Highwayman Lover - Kate M. Hopkins EDIT: Apparently this story was stolen, improperly reformatted, and then offered for free through Amazon under the name "Kate M. Hopkins"... but it is actually "Highwayman Lover" or "An Unexpected Engagement" by Sara Reinke. I feel bad about the fact that I've attributed this novel to somebody that actually stole it from the rightful owner, but I'm not sure how to go about fixing this page. I'll be changing my review around to show up on the proper page and hopefully GR can delete this page or forward it to Sara Reinke's author page.I got this for free from Amazon for Kindle.This is a 5 star story, but a -1 star book.First, the book is not 614 pages - it is 307 pages. The editing and formatting is downright atrocious. I have no idea how it happened, but most pages consist of 3-4 sentences or a couple paragraphs. Numerous pages are blank and there is horizontal line HTML code on nearly every page. Sometimes the text starts halfway down the page, sometimes it's squished at the top. This desperately needs to be fixed.There is a character named Elizabeth. It appears as though the author originally named this character Una. Because every time a word like "unable", "unacceptable", "fortunately" comes up, the letters "una" are always replaced by "Elizabeth"...Elizabethble = unableElizabethcceptable = unacceptablefortElizabethtely = fortunatelySo I think the author ran a spell check, then performed a find-and-replace on all instances of Una and then failed to spell check again. Regardless of how it happened, it should be fixed.That's all for the book...As for the story...AWESOME! I loved the story! There were a few things that were slightly predictable, but I still enjoyed it immensely. The romance was touching, the villains were appropriately squicky, and the drama wasn't too over the top. I enjoyed the characters, even if I hated their names. I mean, really, who names a guy "Maude" or "Catherine"...? That ain't right.I don't read many historical romances, but I think the dialogue might have been a bit too modern in some places. It didn't take away from the story and it didn't distract me, but it felt a little off.Anyway, I loved the story but hated the book. If this book were properly edited, it would be a 5 star book on my favorites list. The fact that it's free makes complaining somewhat silly, but I'd love to see more from this author and I think that has a better chance of happening if her books are edited and formatted correctly.