Her Honor's Bodyguard - Johnny Ray I liked this story, I really did. But this book needs to be edited... seriously. The errors were all careless errors.LAAADIIIEEESS AND GENTLEMENNNNN AND CHILDREN OF ALL AGES!!!! WELCOME TO THE MOST EXTRAVAGANT EXTRAVAGANCY THE HUMAN EYE CAN BEHOLD… WELCOME THE STARS OF ONE OF THE MOST ERROR-RIDDEN BOOKS I'VE EVER READ!!!Really, when would I have ever been able to use this gif otherwise?COME ONE, COME ALL, TO THE GREATEST COLLECTION OF GRAMMATICAL ERRORS TO GRACE MY KINDLE!WE HAVE MISPLACED COMMAS! DON'T GET TOO CLOSE, KIDS! MISSING QUOTATION MARKS! VICIOUS AND WILD RUN-ON SENTENCES! HOLD ONTO YOUR HATS, FOLKS! WE'VE GOT EVEN MORE!THE AMAZING MISUSE OF HOMOPHONES 'TOO' AND 'TO' WILL SHOCK YOUR SENSES!PREPARE TO BE AMAZED WHEN THE STORY SWITCHES FROM THIRD TO FIRST PERSON MID-SENTENCE - RIGHT BEFORE YOUR VERY EEEYES!BUT THE MOST SPECTACULAR WONDER OF ALL AWAITS YOU! OUR AUTHOR WILL ASTOUND AND ASTONISH YOU BY USING THE WRONG WORD THAT SOUNDS SLIGHTLY SIMILAR - THE USE OF 'BASES' INSTEAD OF 'BASIS' WILL HAVE YOU GRIPPING YOUR SEAT WITH EXCITEMENT, LADIES!Or smacking yourself in the head.Ok, ok... in all seriousness, the errors were so numerous and common that it distracted me from the story every few pages. And mostly I just thought "How could you mess that up?" The writing is simple and straightforward. This is not a poetic or complexly written novel by any means. But it's so simple that the errors stand out.As for the story, I quite enjoyed it. The balance of romance and suspense worked well, but I felt like the story focused on Vance's investigation more than anything else. I kinda thought the story was going to be about Noella, but it felt more like a story about Vance. Noella only got on my nerves when she had to remind herself that she was a judge and had to behave in a certain way. If you have to remind yourself to behave differently, maybe you should look into a profession where your behavior isn't looked upon so severely. Just a thought. I never felt like I understood why Noella wanted to be a judge so badly. But it also didn't really matter to the story, so I let it slide.I'd recommend this story, but I'd first recommend that the book be edited. By a professional. Or a 7th grader. Either would be able to catch the errors.