Prince of Cats - Susan A. Bliler This was closer to 1.5 stars than 2, to be honest. And since we're going to go with honesty to begin this review, let's continue on with it, shall we?I am pissed that I paid for this ebook. But that only developed once I finished the book and realized that I had just wasted $2.99 that could have been spent on Krispy Kreme.Satisfaction guaranteed. Unlike this book.This Neeomee bitch made every bad decision she possibly could. Such as trying to escape when she knows she's being watched by an elite warrior. Or lying repeatedly when she knows her masters can smell a lie. Then lying more once she's been called out on her original lie.Wh-what are you even thinking?!How about wandering catacombs when she knows she could be gang-raped at any moment. Refusing protection when people are trying to rape, torture, and kill her (in no particular order).Or deciding to be a cock tease towards a man already barely holding onto his self-control. How about getting others punished for her behavior? Or when she finally gets her freedom, the only thing she has given a shit about the entire book, and decides she doesn't want to go.No. No, she's not kidding.This girl is just TSTL and basically a horrible person. She has zero redeeming qualities except she smells good. Aside from that, her entire goal in life is to escape being a slave. So she tries to escape over and over, always failing. It should be noted that she has come to the cat shifters as punishment for repeatedly attempting (and failing) to escape from her previous masters. Neeomee... girl, you are not good at this escaping thing. Just give it up already.After a life of servitude, you would think this dumb bitch would know how to at least appear to be submissive. Nope. She's yelling at elite warriors and slave masters like she's alpha bitch in here and is repeatedly punished for it.And for some reason, this elite warrior that holds the respect of the entire temple, wants her. Fine. I'll accept this. But it became harder and harder, then downright impossible, to accept that he would be attracted to somebody that cares for nothing but herself, can't accept reality, endangers others, disregards laws and commands, and fails to understand the most basic concept of survival. Neeomee is not only a crappy person, but a complete fucking moron.If you've read any PNR before, you've probably come across the concept of marking your mate. A woman isn't safe from others until she carries the scent of her mate. Which only happens after sex. Neeomee is told over and over that until she carries the scent of her mate, she will be at risk of being raped by anyone. She knows this and refuses to have sex. And then goes wandering alone around the temple in the middle of night. Why doesn't she just carry around a flashing neon sign that says "RAPE ME"?And even after she's almost raped in a dark tunnel, she refuses to protect herself by having sex. Then tries to escape and when caught, claims she's mated. But they can smell that she's not. She's been told numerous times that the cats can smell lies, but that won't stop her from lying like it's a compulsion. I cannot find one positive characteristic or personality trait. I cannot find one positive, helpful, or selfless action. I cannot find one smart decision. And I cannot figure out why this book is so highly rated when the main character is so shitty.I'm pissed. And the more I think about specific things that she did, things that would require too much of an explanation of backstory, I get more pissed. I'm pissed that I read it, I'm pissed that I bought it, I'm pissed that it's highly rated, and I'm pissed that the author thought the character was worthy of having her own story.Fuck this book.