Stardust - Mandi Baker I'm not really sure what the hell I just read, but I'm pretty sure I enjoyed it. It was utterly ridiculous and unbelievable, but it somehow worked for me today. I can't recommend it because I honestly can't think of anyone that would definitely enjoy it. Because it really is that ridiculous. And I would have probably DNF'd it if I had ready it any other time. So I'm really conflicted here.The basic plot, with the stones and the royal family's craving for power, etc. All that was a really neat idea. The romance was corny. Straight up cheesy. And the language they use specifically when talking to each other during intimate moments is so formal, stilted and awkward that I laughed out loud when reading it. The shenanigans our characters get into would have been better suited in a comedy, as the suspense never built up to reasonable proportions. The threat never seemed very real because they were always far enough ahead of it. I think most of the Krossos scenes could have been taken out and the story would have flowed much better. Spending so much time on another planet to get a minor amount of information was a waste.Yeah, there isn't a lot to recommend this book. And I hate saying that because it's not a terrible story. It has some continuity issues, some editing errors, and a little too much happening. But all those complaints didn't stop me from finishing it. I dunno why, I can't give you a reason.