Surviving Scotland - Kristin Vayden Ok, so I have this issue with stories that send women back in time to fall in love with a Highland warrior or whoever the guys in kilts are. First, the woman being sent back has studied Olde English or wrote her thesis on medieval handfasting or some shit - always. She is uniquely prepared to "fit in" once she's sent back to the 1200s or whenever Highland warriors existed (you can tell I know my stuff, right?). It's almost a Mary Sue quality. Second, the woman usually spends most of the story trying to find her way back to her time period. Then she falls in love with the handsome Highlander and decides to stay... only to be sent back to her time period unwillingly! And I just don't enjoy stories where people waste their time. I feel like mine is being wasted, too. So I usually don't go for these time-travel-to-your-Highlander-soulmate stories.But Kristin Vayden delivered an awesome story that proved to me that I really need to give these books a chance more often. The issues I tend to have didn't really come up. Elle was uniquely prepared to be tossed back in time due to her grandmother that really trained her for it. It didn't have the fake feeling I got from other stories where this girl just randomly chose to study the Jacobites in college. It was a circular story. I liked that.And Elle didn't fight it. She picked up on her situation pretty quickly. Vayden used an illness to blur Elle's memories of her time period and that allowed Elle to accept where she was and learn about who she was now. It was a clever way to handle the transition and it felt organic instead of forced. When she finally remembered her past, she didn't want to go back. And that was refreshing.The whole thing was refreshing. I just really enjoyed the characters and how things moved along at a nice pace. Not drama, drama, drama! But a flow that allowed us to watch things happen between Elle and Ioan.Nothing spectacular, but quite pleasing and fun. I look forward to reading more from Kristin Vayden.