The Duke and I (Bridgertons, #1)

The Duke and I - Julia Quinn

Oof. I just... I dunno.

This is a tough one to review. I really enjoyed certain parts - mostly dialogue - but I literally stopped reading out of pure rage a couple times. I kept reading in hopes of finding the ending to be worth it, but it really wasn't.

There are a few bits of banter that I really liked. When Simon and Daphne were comfortable with each other, their back-and-forth was amusing. Daphne's mother was quite entertaining, as were Lady Danbury's few lines.

But that's it. The plot was thin. The characters were, at different times, kinda horrible to each other. And there was nothing special about any of them*. I didn't quite care if they found their HEA.

A few sweet moments didn't make this worth the hours I spent reading it. I could have watched like 5 episodes of Cops instead.

*Actually, Hyacinth, 10 year old Bridgerton sister, was abso-god-damn-lutely adorable. I leave you with the gem of this story: 


“If you decide to marry my sister—” she said.
Daphne choked on a biscuit.
“—then you have my approval.”
Simon choked on air.
“But if you don’t,” Hyacinth continued, smiling shyly, “then I’d be much obliged if you’d wait for me.” 

Be still my fucking heart. Screw the rest of the book.