Unleashed: A Dark Ones Novella - Katie MacAlister I adored this story. Jas was a wonderfully honest and open character. No wasted time on denial, coming up with excuses, etc. I liked her no nonsense responses to surprises. Avery was great, a real ladies man that had no problem accepting his newly discovered Beloved and 'taken' status. Cora made their little posse perfect, though. She was pure comedy and I was laughing out loud at her banter with Jas. I know she gets her own full-length novel later on, but I don't think I could handle her attitude for a full book. She was perfect here. And the bad guys were interesting. I thought their plot and operation were worthy of a longer story. Or maybe continuing a bit into a future book. Except I think they were eliminated. Whoops. I think this was one of my favorite Katie MacAlister stories.