Small Treasures - Maureen Child Oh my god, my brain is fucking melting!From what I gathered in the... 6% of the story that I was able to stomach, Abby's Uncle Silas bequeathed his cabin to her in his will that was read two months ago. Six months ago, Silas sold the cabin to Samuel. Abby goes to the cabin, finds Samuel there, and proceeds to a) treat him like an unfortunate moron, b) attempt to confuse him in the hope of swindling him out of the property he legally owns, and c) say THIS:"But, Samuel, I've just told you that Uncle Silas named me in his will only two months ago.""Exactly!" The flat of his hand slammed down on the tabletop, and she grabbed for her coffee cup. "Since I bought this property six months ago… Silas couldn't have left it to you!""But that's what I meant when I said he'd obviously changed his mind.""Huh?""He may have sold you the cabin first… but he changed his mind later and left it to me!”“Don't you understand?" Samuel said, his frustration mounting with every breath. "The property wasn't his to leave you.""Well, of course it was his." Abby smiled. "If it wasn't his, how could he have sold it to you?""It was his. Now it's mine!" Samuel felt as though his mind were covered in cobwebs. He knew he was right! So why was it even he was beginning to doubt it?"No, it was his, then you thought it was yours, but now it's mine!" She looked around her again and sighed. "And I can't tell you how exciting it all is. Only a few weeks ago I was in Maryland, and now I'm in my own home!"Fucking kill me now. Better yet, kill this poor, delusional woman.Quite possibly my least favorite character. Ever.