Nordic Fairies (Nordic Fairies, #1) - Saga Berg Another Amazon for Kindle freebie.This is a teaser, not even a novella.The story seems interesting, but the storytelling feels a bit disjointed. We started in the present, then we go to the 10th century for a bit, followed by a trip to 'several months' in the past, then back to the present. Because it took only 30 minutes to read, it felt weird to jump around that much.Since it's a teaser, you get about 2 chapters worth of story before a cliffhanger revelation. And then you undoubtedly have to pay for the rest of the story. But you don't get enough of an explanation about the battle between Dockalfar and the Liosalfar, or who they even are, to warrant a teaser like this. I didn't get invested in the story because I wasn't told what was going on. Maybe a couple more chapters would have justified this being a separate book.