Dark Lover - J.R. Ward I'd been putting off reading this series because any series with this many books is daunting. I needed something quick and easy, so here we are.And let me say, I'm not really impressed. Perhaps this was the original or perhaps others have copied this formula so often. Either way, I've read this story 100 times before. I skipped over the Mr. X parts because he was friggin' boring and honestly, a pretty crappy villain.I was, however, pleased with Beth's character. Just enough 'no way, this can't be happening' panic before the 'well, he DOES have fangs' acceptance. And she wasn't a bitch like the last 5 heroines I've read about. Wrath (btw, horrible names... way too kitschy) was pretty good, too. But uhm, he still doesn't hold a candle to Bones. SORRY!If you want a quick read with a low-steam setting, this is probably for you.If you want a novel that will make you cheer for the power of love... move along, nothing to see here.