Cocked And Loaded - Desiree Holt Wow... that was some steamy sex! And a lot of it, too. I'm kinda surprised I liked this as much as I did, because I usually find these books too predictable for much enjoyment when I'm not PMSing. I think you can actually track my cycle by my book reviews & 'read list' additions - the corny erotica shows up predictably. So I still have my usual complaints about this type of book: the 'convince yourself not to be with the person you love' attitude of the h; the obvious villain (though I'm not so sure it was supposed to be a mystery, but more of a tension builder); the TSTL moment where h almost dies because she didn't listen to the H's alpha-command... the usual. But even though this book had most of the things that annoy the shit out of me, I still closed the book feeling like I enjoyed it. The pacing felt pretty good. I wasn't skimming paragraphs to get to something better, though I did sort of zone out through a few of the cunnilingus paragraphs because there were just so damn many. But the sex scenes were damn good. I'd make babies with Zane, even though his hair is prettier than mine.