Over the Line - Cindy Gerard Okay, so I had a little tiff with the heroine over a couple things, but she fixed it, sooo we're good. That aside, I liked this book. I won't say I really liked it, because I'm already forgetting people's names and I just finished it 5 minutes ago. But it was a quick, fun read.However...Q: How many different threats can one person successfully withstand with one half-deaf short guy? Oh, and for it to still be plausible.A: 2-3 less than this plot had, depending on the split.I'll go ahead and give a SPOILER WARNING, because I'm about to ramble and cannot be held responsible for the things I'm going to say here.3 years ago, Janey was stalked, terrorized, and possibly sexually assaulted by Grimm (corniest villain name). He's now out of jail, so he's a threat. Threat level: This isn't good.Derrek has tried to hook up with Janey for years, but he's always been rejected, even though the tabloids say otherwise. He's getting mighty pissed about it and fantasizes about making her pay before he dances on her grave. Uhm, yeah... that's a threat. Threat level: Shit, this is messed up.Chris wants to be a famous videographer (wtf?) and is filming behind-the-scenes of Janey's tour. To make the resulting video sell more, she riles up Derrek, reveals Janey's secret whereabouts to enemies, and seems to daydream about how Janey's untimely death will make sales skyrocket. That's a threat that enables other threats to be more threatening, so it's bumped up a level. Threat level: What the fuck?!Max has gotten into a lot of debt by gambling too much and now the mob-connected people he owes have come calling. They threaten Janey with bodily harm so that he'll pay up. Max decides to steal the money from Janey, but he'll pay it back. Minor threat with possible major threat. Threat level: AHH! Hide me!Black is... fuck, basically Black was like the Dolores Umbridge of televangelists. And he hired a hit man to kill off a bunch of other people in random ways. Oh, and Janey is his grand finale. He's military trained and everything. Serious fucking threat. Threat level: ARMAGEDDON.The body count: 8 dead, 2 injured, 1 scared so bad he had a heart attack. And Janey comes out of all this with a few scratches on her ankle. It seems like the threat was to Janey, but everyone else got killed in the process. But it's not like people just accidentally got in the way of a bullet meant for Janey. No, it was everyone that wasn't anywhere near her that got killed. She was usually in another city.So, the lesson I've learned from this story is to stay as close as possible to the person being threatened and you have the best chance of surviving. And if you'd like to point out that Jase was shot in Janey's presence, I'll have to point out that he survived, didn't he? I'd recommend it to my blonde friends.