Kill and Tell - Linda Howard I'm giving it 3.5 stars. This book should have been like, 100 pages shorter. There was just sooo much thinking... and thinking... and worrying... and more thinking. When it wasn't Karen sitting by herself thinking, I was loving the book. I liked the characters, the romance, the sex, the plot, etc. But there were literally pages of "Karen mulls over her dilema" and I found myself skimming. Basically reading the first and last sentences of a paragraph and since everything made sense, I don't think I missed anything but Karen's long-winded thought process.I will point out that I didn't like the timing of Karen suddenly realizing how ridiculous her avoidance of relationships was. And her revelation that her hatred for her father was immature. How convenient they should both happen in the 3 days this book covers. But at least she does come to the realization, so I can't really complain.Marc was super yummy and being from Nooawlins myself, I know just how sexy a cajun accent is. I'd eat him up and sop up the drippings with cornbread.I would recommend this book. Then I'd gush with my friends over how steamy the hero is.