The Search - Nora Roberts I'm giving this book 3.5 stars.I did like it. I did. Way more than a lot of other books I've read. I have a few complaints, though (as usual).#1. This was an insanely long book. I usually manage to fit at least one book into a day. And that even leaves time for things like eating and sleeping. The Search took foreeeverrr! Not enough happens in this book to justify its length. But even though I'm complaining about this, I can't think of any specific scenes that could have been edited out. Maybe some of the dog training scenes, Simon bitching to himself about being trained, etc.#2. I can't call this "suspense"... Because there wasn't any. You always knew what was happening, who was doing what, etc. There was no mystery man behind the curtain. No trying to figure out how the bad guy was able to communicate with the... other bad guy. Everything was just right out there in the open, so there was never any moment where I was like "Oh god, I hope she makes it!" or "Oh noes, he's right behind you!" You know what I mean? Yeah, you do.#3. The obligatory "reporter" is a character I find myself hating with quite a bit of regularity. They always come across as ruthless, thoughtless, selfish, and more often than not, they make the situation worse with their callousness. She deserved a gruesome death. Damn you, Nora Roberts!However, I loooved Simon. He was a great character and I was a little surprised to find myself liking the bossiness. But it worked for him... the strong, silent type that is anything but silent when he finds himself caring about Fiona and the dogs. I'd live on an island if he were my neighbor, for sure. Especially if he had the dog.I'd definitely recommend this book, especially to my dog-loving friends and the women I know who keep dating wimpy/meek men.