The Omega Point - Whitley Strieber By the end of Chapter 10, I couldn't find it within myself to continue reading.Dear Author, By the time I get through 40% of the book, something should have happened. Aside from one person getting killed in the very beginning and another getting knocked out.And how much sense does this make?- You're lost, confused, and damn near helpless.- The only person that seems to know what's going on tells you to trust Girl A.- It becomes obvious to you that Girl A has information you need.- So you lock Girl A away into a padded room for a few days and give her the silent treatment, hoping she'll give you an excuse to keep her locked up.- You recognize that you need to trust Girl A and get the facts about your situation so you can like, save humanity and stuff.- So you leave Girl A locked up and give her the silent treatment.WHAT. THE. FUCK. IS. THAT.