Warrior - Cheryl Brooks I got through maybe 60% of this book. To the end of chapter 10, anyway. But I had to draw the line when I read the heroine giving her alien feline lover a blow job while mentally communicating with a fucking squirrel.SUPER EFFIN' AWKWARD...Aside from Leo's speech being annoyingly formal and stilted, I wasn't fond of the heroine's first person POV. Leo was one dimensional because we never got to hear from him. The story dragged on and on but I was pushing my way through. Rafe's mysterious lack of an explanation had me frustrated, Leo's barely-there character was disappointing, but the god damned blow job just finished it for me.And it's not just letting the squirrel watch. Oh no, she goes into a fair amount of detail about how much she and Leo both enjoy it and how great Leo's come tastes. She's explaining this, in her head, to a squirrel named Gerald, while she has a dick in her mouth.“You know,” Gerald said thoughtfully, “you’d get better results if you—oh, wait, I forgot! You’re already pregnant.”“Yes, Gerald,” I said dryly. “I am, so this is a purely recreational activity.”He watched for a moment or two, seemingly fascinated [...] “Does it really taste that good?”“Yes, it does,” I replied. “[...] It’s not like human semen at all. It’s much better.”“I’ll take your word for it,” he said hastily.WTF?! Has Gerald ever tasted human semen before? If so, WHY?! This is so messed up, I can't even begin to wrap my brain around it. Honestly, my brain may have short circuited and it's toast. This whole thing is so bizarre, it's not remotely funny to me, which is the only way I could have continued on. If it had been a bizarrely funny moment, I probably could have filed it away as part of the heroine's Snow White-esque attraction of animals. But it's not funny, at least not for me. It's just really fucking weird.NUTS!!!I can't... I just... don't... It doesn't...- I QUIT!