Natural Born Charmer - Susan Elizabeth Phillips I did't even make it to 20%. BUT I HAVE A GOOD REASON! I think so, anyway. The blurb above pretty much covers the 20% I read. You know Dean and Blue are headed to his summer house, where they will meet up with the lady taking care of the renovations. The scene in which they arrive is the scene in which I lose all faith in humanity. No, it's not that bad.The scene:Dean meets Mrs. O'Hara, the woman in charge of renovations, whom he has only exchanged emails with.Mrs. O'Hara turns out to be Dean's mother, April.Dean demands that she leave immediately, giving her no quarter.Blue verbally vomits in hopes that a reconciliation between them is possible, blurting out that Dean's mother is dying.Dean walks out.I don't like it. Not one bit. No siree. Nu uh. I've seen people do this in real life, in addition to the "You can't leave me, I'm pregnant!" thing. It leaves a funny taste in my mouth and I just don't like it. I can't get into the fantasy when it's a fantasy I so strongly dislike.HOWEVER!!! If that hadn't happened, I would have happily read on. I was trying so hard not to laugh aloud when I started the first chapter at work and continued laughing freely when I picked it back up at home. Even the scene that made me stop reading was funny! The verbal sparring between Dean and Blue was wonderful and I liked both characters immediately. I'm disappointed that the author chose to go with that story line because I was really enjoying myself up until that point and I know I would have enjoyed more of their banter.So if you're not opposed to the whole "telling somebody you're terminally ill to get your way" thing, I suggest giving this book a shot! I'm going to try another book by the same author and should have better luck.I would definitely recommend this book.