If He Only Knew... - Debbi Rawlins Maybe 33% of the way through and I just don't care about either character, so I see no reason to continue. There's just no... "umph" here, ya know?Edit: I couldn't find anything better within 10min of shelving this as DNF, so I tried it again.Okay, I know what the problem is... why I couldn't get into it before. It's a lot of telling, not showing. I don't see why Sara feels the need to escape her parents, I'm just told that she does. The mother, who Sara has built up to something of a cross between Godzilla and a Stepford Wife, blinks a few times and might have two lines of dialogue total. It was a bit of a letdown. But we all know my big complaint is always about the female lead and I try not to disappoint.Shall we commence?Sara is a freaking coward. She runs away from Atlanta to "experience a real life" in New York. But she doesn't branch out and experience life, she stays in her apartment or goes to work. You're in mother fucking NEW YORK CITY, woman! SOCIALIZE! She hides her real identity. She stays in her friend's apartment so Cody won't see her penthouse and hides him from people she may see in public. She invites him to her parent's party and then avoids him most of the time, only to let him walk out when he overhears a nasty conversation about him. Biggest freaking coward ever!What saved this book from being given up on a second time or being rated 1 star is this:1. When Sara's lies were revealed to Cody, he got rightfully angry and wanted to leave. But Sara asked him to let her explain, he did, she did, then they made up and got it on. That seems a bit more realistic than the other extreme that we usually see: somebody storming out and both people suffering the loss for however long before swallowing their pride and grovelling. I liked that they were both reasonable about the situation, even though Cody had a few trust issues afterward.2. When Cody overheard the nasty conversation about him, he walked out of the party and Sara let him leave. She pretended everything was hunky dory, while he stewed in the limo and eventually decided to return to the party and tell Sara how he feels. I was glad that he didn't head back to New York and instead chose to risk putting his feelings out there with a public declaration, but I wish Sara had stopped him from leaving in the first place. But it's not my story. =)Those two reasonable reactions kept me from DNFing it a second time. I wasn't fond of how some things were handled, the characters weren't really fleshed out, and the story wasn't what I usually go for, but it was a decent read. I give big kudos to Debbi Rawlins for writing realistic responses and I can think of at least a dozen books I would have finished if only the author had written something like what Ms. Rawlins did.I probably wouldn't recommend this book, but I would recommend that you don't base your decision on whether or not to read it solely on this shitty review.