Nightfire - Lisa Marie Rice THE FOLLOWING REVIEW HAS BEEN RATED PG-13 FOR LANGUAGE AND SEXUAL REFERENCES. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED, KIDDIES.I was pleased that this book didn't employ many of the overused plot devices I've seen in romantic suspense recently. There wasn't a ton of fighting in lieu of getting to know one another; there was no "I'm the alpha and you're my bitch" moment; there wasn't any of that attempting to deny true love nonsense; and the heroine didn't do anything mortally stupid. So refreshing!The CharactersI'm familiar with Harry and Ellen, though I'm not even sure if I finished that book, so I wasn't totally lost when Chloe/Crissy showed up. I liked how Chloe was a soothing balm for Mike and her sedate nature made her calming instead of boring. But she was still a fighter, which balanced her out. Mike was a really decent guy, the kind of man you'd like to have as a friend if you couldn't manage to pull off anything more serious. I liked how we got to see him go from out of control to totally in love. The supporting characters were around a lot, but I understand the desire to keep the reader up to date on them since it's a series and the 2 couples were featured in the previous 2 books.The PlotI felt like there was a sufficient balance between the romance and suspense, though the wordiness of it all struck me as unnecessary. At times it seemed like the story dragged a bit. In actuality the story moved right along, but since everything was drawn out with an extra sentence or three, it seemed like things took forever. But I enjoyed the story itself. The threat was believable, the romance was strong, there were no TSTL moments or 180 degree attitude changes... it was a nice change for everything to make sense and fit together nicely. My only complaint about the story is that I really wish there had been a 2nd failed attempt on Chloe to ramp up the tension. I didn't feel the suspense but for maybe 3 minutes when it could have been extended for a good 15 minutes.The Writing/GrammarAs I mentioned above, the book was wordy and that made it feel a little slow when it technically wasn't. If I had read this on a lazy Saturday, I might not think the wordiness was an issue. But knowing my alarm is going to go off in 7 hours when I was really hoping for 9 hours, well... maybe I was a little desperate to finish, okay? There were a couple times when the scene changed and we'd go back in time for a few minutes. (ex: Chloe, after being kidnapped, hears Niki call Harry on the phone. Switch to the office, where Harry and Mike haven't gotten the phone call yet. ) It was a little annoying, but I can see the reason for doing it. The author drops a tidbit of drama and then takes us back to the mundane so we can panic about the tidbit.The other thing I took notice of was that the first sex scenes were fairly tame when it came to word usage. More along the lines of historical romances. But then suddenly we're talking about 'cocks' and 'cunts' and it took me by surprise. I'll take 'cunt' over 'feminine folds' or 'genital passage' any day, but pick one or the other, please.As for the grammar... if you couldn't tell by now that I don't know shit about grammar, there are surely no grammatical errors in this book that will make you take notice.So yeah, I enjoyed it. It could be pruned a bit for unnecessary wool-gathering, but I doubt most readers would share my sentiments on that one. Give it a shot. It's a good story with some intense moments, definitely enjoyable.I'd absolutely recommend this read. As a matter of fact, I just did.