When Sparks Fly - Autumn Dawn I couldn't spend any more time with these characters before I felt the need to rip my hair out of my skull.Gem is a bitch. She thinks she can do everything, all by herself. She's somehow judgmental while having the personality of a toaster oven. She lets her sister Brandy walk all over her and has no idea how to interact with a member of the opposite sex. And with two TSTL moments in the first 17% of the book, I just couldn't take her anymore.Blue is a dick. I dunno what "ruined beauty" is, but he leers and gives me the willies when he hits on Gem like she's an easy mark. He completely takes over the situation (given, Gem doesn't seem to take care of it herself) and treats Gem like a doormat while demanding various favors, eating everything in sight, and acting like he knows something Gem doesn't. Not a hero that I find appealing in any way.Brandy is a bitch, too. She just couldn't let Xera go without spouting off a few negative remarks first. She has not said one positive thing so far and the way she treats people, especially her own sisters, is horrendous. If I had continued reading, I would have wished for her death by the halfway point.Xera was in the book I read before this (No Words Alone), so her presence really makes no sense to me here.A decent concept for a story, completely ruined by immature, emotionally stunted characters.