The Woman Inside - Autumn Dawn What to say about this book... tick tock, tick tock...Well... first! The cover is horrible and my e-book had a way better picture. Like, a castle or some shit. Sooo there's that.And then... tick tock, tick tock...I basically closed the Kindle and opened Goodreads, searched the title and now I'm here. Literally 30 seconds and I can't think of a single thing to say about this book. I found it as a .pdf in a file of junk on a flash drive I brought to work... I didn't look up to synopsis or anything, so this was a blind reading. And I really liked it, I just have no idea where to start because the blurb on here doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of what happens in this story. There is just so freaking much. So...Oh right. The villain's name: EvilleAre you effing kidding me? No, apparently you're not. That's like naming a vampire Fang and hoping people will take him seriously. To be fair, he really was evil. Seriously evil. Trying to rape, torture, and murder Ceylon. I was under the mistaken impression that he was jealous of their father's love for her, albeit a love unexpressed to her. But then we find out he's just always wanted to rape his sister. Oh... Let's turn the discomfort level up to 11, shall we?Ceydon is... oddly naive, while somehow being well rounded, knowledgeable, and bossy. It was an odd mixture, which is why I felt myself adoring her at times, hating her, and even pitying her at times. Her reactions to some things just blew me away and not in a good way. Example:As a woman Anne could see instantly that all was not well, whereas Uric....”I’m afraid he doesn’t love me anymore,” she whispered.Taken aback, Anne said, “Uric? Nonsense! Of course he loves you, dear.”Ceylon frantically shook her head. “No! He looks at me as if I’m not there ... he--he hasn’t come to bed since--”“It’s only been two days, dear.” Anne patted her hand in sympathy.TWO DAYS!! It's been two days since Uric's mother was publicly beheaded for trying to murder his wife after constantly ruining his life in one way or another and this bitch is freaking out about lack of intimacy already?! And this scene just further proves her total dependency on him when she scoffs at the idea of doing something to make herself happy."[...] Now think--what would make you happy right now?”“For Uric to smile at me,” Ceylon said wistfully.“No, you’re not doing this properly,” Anne chided. “Your happiness must not depend on someone else. Think of yourself for once. What would you enjoy doing today that doesn’t involve him?”“It sounds so selfish,” Ceylon protested. Think of just herself? Don’t worry over Uric? The priests would faint!“Recharge yourself and your good spirits will rub off on him. Trust me.”Well, if it would help Uric....Dear Lord, save me from trying to jump into my computer to beat this woman's ass. And thanks for the green lights during rush hour today. Amen.Ceylon acted like a parasite, worming her way through every corner of Uric's life until he snapped and called her out on her nagging. Instead of accepting that she was nagging, her first thought is "He must not love me anymore"... *sigh* Ceylon came across as immature when she dealt with sex, romance, and men. The frantic worrying over "whether he likes me or not" was very...junior high. She was stubbornly hung up on people paying too much attention to her appearance after spending years on figuring out how to improve her looks. That was annoying.But at other times, I really loved her. I liked how she treated the people around her. Whether she was ignoring "slut" comments from Maude or declaring that the Princesses would eat their vegetables or they would not benefit from her Healer services at all, she did so with poise. It's when it came to Uric that she became a blubbering moron. She was a nice character, but some of her fretting just grated on my nerves, making me want to scream at her that she's better than that.Uric was a great hero. It took him a little while to get the hang of courting Ceylon, which was really endearing. I'd have been entirely wooed if I were the recipient of such attention. He was equal parts warrior, tactician, and lover. Fierce, protective, I mean... a total alpha male. He was charming and sympathetic, but with an aura of power he wielded very precisely. I hate his name, but I adored him.The StoryI loooved the story. The plot was great - I didn't feel it dragging at any point. I actually read most of this at work (super slow day) and then rushed home to finish it. My boss tried to get my attention to discuss current events all throughout the day and I was totally not there. I was engrossed in this book for hours today, only stopping when I had to. I laughed, I cried, I got caught up in the suspense, I cared about the characters. A little bit more time could have been spent telling us what happened to the Princesses, other than two lines, but there was plenty more to keep me occupied. Don't expect anything steamy, romance wise. It was sweet, but not sexy. I wish we had a glimpse of the battle between Uric and the rebel duke - a real action scene with some blood and guts. That would have totally topped this sundae off with a bright red cherry. The Writing/GrammarThe only thing that stood out to me was that there were some pretty modern phrases used in the dialogue at times and it threw me for a loop. Seemed way out of place with the time period. Sooo... as usual, I had to rag on the heroine! I just can't seem to avoid it. But I don't find it surprising since I have zero female friends. We don't mesh, or whatever. But Ceylon wasn't horrible, she just pissed me off a few times. I loved this book, but my annoyance at Ceylon and the glossed over sex keep this from being a 5 star book. So, I'll check around for some others and see how they measure up!I would recommend this book for anyone that likes their romantic suspense to come with bards, royalty, and dungeons.