Never As It Seems - Shiloh Walker I went exploring through my old laptop and found a file folder full of Shiloh Walker e-books. Sweeeet. So, I read "Beautiful Girl", "Hunter's Pride", and then "Never As It Seems" - all of which I liked well enough.But there is this little, bitty, minor thing that bothers me:The stepfather is always a pedophile rapist.WTF?! In "Beautiful Girl", the lead character was brutally beaten and raped by her stepfather when she was a teenager, explaining why she's so fucked up as an adult. In "Hunter's Pride", cougar-ish shape shifters save a young girl who is being chased by her stepfather, who tries to rape her again. In "Never As It Seems", the main character is running from bad guys involved in a young girl's suicide, brought on by... you guessed it, her foster father raping her. And apparently rape isn't enough, they always have to be sodomized, too. Descriptively, no less.The stories are good, but not only is this villain now overused in Walker's books, but it sounds like the author has some negative feelings towards stepfathers. I, personally, have never had stepfathers (though I've now had 5 stepmothers and currently have 2, if you can figure that shit out), but I doubt they can all be rapists with an unhealthy sexual obsession with their stepdaughters. I'm also a little worn out on the transformation from "battered victim" to "kinky sex-kitten"... that feels weird.But I suppose I should say something specifically about this story. *sigh* Okay... Leo and Chloe. By the way, I dislike the matchy-matchy names. So, yeah. Chloe and Leo dated for 9 months before she revealed she was psychic and he was like "WTF no you're not, liar!" and skipped out. 3 years later, Chloe needs a bodyguard and apparently Leo is the only person available in the country. It doesn't take long for the sexin' to start and blah, blah, blah, drama, guns, more sexin', happily ever after.My problem is with both characters. I had no problem with the story line itself. But Leo was close-minded and never asked for proof of Chloe's psychic abilities. He never questioned her. He just assumed she was a con-artist and walked out. Chloe just...let him walk out. She didn't try to offer proof or an explanation. Yet, she laid all the blame on Leo. Once Leo came around, Chloe really made him grovel. Way more than I thought necessary. Yeah, he walked out. But she let him go. I think Chloe had a fair amount of grovelling to do and there was none of it. Her bitter refusal to give him a second chance really made me dislike her. In the end, I felt they both made immature and irrational decisions, but the author and Chloe put all the blame on Leo's shoulders. Did not like.Also, Chloe seems to be the only person that doesn't need a bodyguard. Leo's full extent of bodyguard services involves him telling Chloe not to go anywhere without him. Like, to the front door from the car.... seriously?No writing or grammatical issues. It was a short read that didn't leave me with much other than "Chloe is a bitch" and "Stepfathers are rapists"... The story would have been better served as a fleshed out full-length novel featuring some psychic sleuthing and Leo being an actual bodyguard.I probably wouldn't recommend this book, but I've enjoyed other books by Shiloh Walker and would recommend readers search through her publication summaries for something that grabs their attention.