Texas Biker Zombies From Outer Space - Etienne Guerin DeForest On the back of this book... "About one hour following his arrival, Etienne grew tired of searching for the elusive giraffes and decided he would rather lay some cave bitches instead."This is gonna rock so hard. So hard.I'm not very familiar with this type of book. I own Meanwhile by Jason Shiga and I really enjoyed it. So, I entered the giveaway contest for this book and apparently won, since it just showed up in the mail (along with The Bizarro Story of I). Nice little note inside, which means no matter how much I love or hate it, it'll stay in my collection. =)Anyway, I entered the contest because it was a "choose your own adventure" book, not because I had any idea what the hell it was about. But now that I've read the back cover? Holy shit, I'm amped to read this! What may or may not pass as a review will be around shortly.Edit 04/16/2012: GOD DAMN IT ALL! I KEEP DYING!!!Edit 04/28/2012: So, I still haven't managed to survive my adventures. I know you can survive. I know this because MY DAD STOLE THE FREAKING BOOK AND WON'T GIVE IT BACK WHILE HE BRAGS ABOUT SURVIVING. *huffs* He won't let me have it back because he's "not done with it", but I have a feeling he won't be done with it until he's killed the character in every which way possible. So, I'm going to steal it back tonight and take it with me on vacation. I'll have a whole week in which to find the survivable outcomes and THEN you'll get your review.