Bitsy and the Biker - Walter L. Kleine;Linda Suzane I got this free from Amazon for Kindle.From the first few pages, I knew Maxie was going to be annoying, self-centered, and stubborn. But I kept pushing through, hoping to see some character development or interesting events.Nope.We get Maxie as Cybil on the Bipolar Brat Show! We begin the story with Maxie complaining about how her parents keep telling her she has powers, a magical destiny, mortal danger in her future... but whatever! *flips hair* She doesn't believe in that crap, even though she's had visions her entire her life. Then she has a vision of her parents dying, which they do, and instead of accepting reality, she's still going to pretend that all that magic shit is nonsense. She considers the fact that she's going crazy. But then! Another vision! Oh, well now it's cool, she's accepting of the visions of events that happened a century ago. When a Fae prince magically appears in her apartment? *shrug* Whatevs, how YOU doin'? Forget the fact that, up until now Maxie has blown off any talk of magic. Forget that she's been ignoring her destiny and acting like a 13 year old that refuses to believe she actually needs to study for the SATs. Now there's a hottie on her couch and she's suddenly bloodthirsty to kill and torture the vamp bitch responsible for her ancestor's death. Also, this crazy vamp chick is going to come after Maxie (this would be the mortal danger mentioned previously). But when the Fae prince tells her she has to hone her magical skills, develop her powers, and prepare to battle this psycho vampire lady, Maxie is like "WTF!? This isn't my battle! I can't do this! I don't want to do this! This has nothing to do with me!" And then she excitedly asks if she can watch the Fae prince torture and kill the vamp bitch.*headdesk*And that's when I gave up. That's also a mere 8% into the book. 400+ pages of that nonsense? THANK GOD THIS WAS FREE!I would only recommend this book to people I really hate. Reeeally hate.