The Ex-Girlfriends' Club (Harlequin Blaze #322) - Rhonda Nelson Okay, if you can get through the pages upon pages of Eden and Ben mentally reminiscing or fawning over the sex appeal of each other, it's a decent read.I'm really not kidding about the excessive amount of time spent on Eden thinking about every - single - freaking - thing about Ben that she finds attractive. And it always happens like, in the middle of a phone call or something."So what do you think we should do? Are you going to tell him?"( Insert 5 pages of why talking to Ben is horrifying and would somehow risk her heart again. )"Uh, hello?""Oh, um, I think you should do it."But 5 pages is nothing compared to the repeated infodumps of "he's so dreamy because..." nonsense. We're talking 12 pages. Eden tells us over and over again why she's attracted to Ben and it got repetitive. The exact same phrase, albeit a good one, was used in multiple sex scenes and it's placement made it stand out like a sore thumb.Honestly, this book could have been a lot shorter and that would have made the story much more enjoyable. I was dragging through this book trying to find the meat of the story and that negative feeling I'm left with from trudging along might not do the story proper justice. So I really liked the story, but slimming it down so that we don't spend 15 minutes reading about Ben's dreaminess would have made this a 4 star book for me.I'd recommend this book and encourage readers to skim over Eden's mental diarrhea.* I was reading this book on Microsoft e-Reader and my page # may be different from yours.