Blood Moons (The Blood Series, #1) - Alianne Donnelly I'm giving this book 3.5 stars, but I'm closer to 4 than 3... so we'll say like, 3.8 stars. Whatever.Okay, I'll make this quick because I really have to pee.The CharactersBoth Dara and Tristen were great characters that were fleshed out enough for me to understand them without drowning in back story and personal histories. I really liked Tristen's no-nonsense attitude and I enjoyed his overprotectiveness (that's totally a word). Watching him develop his insatiable urge to protect Dara, even while knowing his behavior was odd, was more enjoyable than reading the characters who just are overprotective. I liked Dara - most of the time. I was pleased to see her quickly catch on to the dangers of her situation and I liked how her snarky attitude periodically surfaced to relieve the tension. My complaint is about her overreactions. She took extreme measures to leave Tristen and "do this on her own", which in reality just meant "do this with a bunch of other telepaths"... I didn't like how she went from "I'm willing to risk it all to be with Tristen." to "Our situation forced us to temporarily bond, but it's no biggie." WTF? Until Dara's completely unreasonable mental breakdown where she decided leaving Tristen was a good idea, I was literally giddy over the fact that there had been no TSTL moments and that I was reading a book in which the heroine didn't piss me off more than the villain. *le sigh*The PlotThe story itself was great! The plot kept moving at a steady pace that kept me interested. The first part of the book is spent in a maximum security prison, where Dara and Tristen bond. The next part takes place on beach resort-type prison planet, where Tristen works on his shapeshifting and Dara turns into a moron. The last chunk of the book is spent on Earth. I liked how we spent enough time in the first prison to get a decent base for Dara & Tristen's relationship. They were thrown together, made the best of their situation, relied on each other, and bonded... It was nice to read about a relationship developing instead of WHAM! BAM! INSTA-LOVE!There was romance, suspense, drama, action... it was a fun story, for sure.The Writing/GrammarI was reading a crappy e-book that I'm pretty sure was copied from a different e-reader program, so my copy was a bit messed up. I can tell you that I didn't see any mistakes that weren't obviously restricted to my copy.I can't write any more, I'm about to pee my pants.